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System requirements are as follows:

  • OS X 10.4.11(Tiger) or OS X 10.5.6(Leopard) with all updates installed
  • An Intel based processor
  • SCR3310 or SCR3510 USB Card Reader and available powered USB port
Known Limitations:

Unfortunately, due to limitations of the Apple distribution of Java, PowerPC based processors are not supported.

Due to the beta nature of this software, only SentriCard renewal and password retrieval is available. As the beta improves we will continue to add further functionality.

There is a known issue with PCSClite within the Apple Java implementation. PCSClite is used to allow our software to communicate with the SCR3310 Card Reader. The current limitation causes the card reader to no longer respond if it is connected to one USB port and then moved to another. The card reader will no longer respond even if moved back to the original USB port where it was connected. The computer must be restarted for the card reader to work again. This is due to a bug in the Apple Java implementation and may be corrected with future Java updates from Apple.

The Public Mac Beta will expire on February 1, 2010 and will cease to function. SentriLock tech support will contact you to update the application.

Mac, Apple, OSX, Intel, Java, PowerPC are trademarks and belong to their respective owners.

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